About Moi

Hola, and welcome, friendly web-users and internet trolls alike. My name is Naoise, a 21 year old student living in Cork, Ireland.

Dis  ma’ blog, The Candid Corkscrew. Cos I’m from Cork, geddit? And sometimes I tell it like it is. WORD. (And other times I sit quietly in the corner, and nod in agreement with whoever’s speaking).

Starting a blog is something that I have been intending to do for quite a while, but it was not until I needed to begin writing my 20,000 word thesis that I got the motivation to actually do so. Oh, life, you can be so amusing.

I hope to use this space to connect with people who may happen to have the same interests as myself: primarily health and fitness, but also travel, art, culture, and other general musings. I will probably include some posts pertaining to Cork in particular – restaurant recommendations, things to do, places to see/ avoid, etc.

So basically this is a lifestyle blog. How original.

Anyway, I really do hope someone somewhere finds some entertainment and/ or benefit from my blog. But, if not, at least it’s providing me with a means to procrastinate constructively (there is only so much watching of Friends on Netflix that you can justify as helpful towards writing a thesis).

Feel free to leave any questions/ comments below.

Later, lovelies X


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