How to Get Out of Ya’ Bed

[My first post! Totes exciting].

I’m a Morning Person, but solely by default: in comparison to the usually exhausted, sometimes bloated, and always grumpy me that my house-mates have the pleasure of interacting with in the evenings, my morning self is simply a ray of sunshine.

During the week, I usually wake at 6 AM and bounce around the house (often literally – anyone else doing the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Training Guide?) for as long a time as work/ study/ life will allow. You know the part in Snow White, when she’s trilling around the house, doing crap while all the birds are singing around her? That’s, like, SO ME. (With all the bouncing and singing that I do while everyone else is trying to sleep in, combined with my night-time crankiness, you can tell I’m a real joy to live with).

However, I most certainly was not always a morning person. I used to stay in bed until I absolutely HAD to get up, then roll out of bed, spend way to long rushing around trying to get organized, and end up being late for everything. It was only when I realized that that initial ‘Hey!-I-was-dreaming’ quickly followed by an ‘I-hate-the-world’ emotional response to my alarm going off is one I will have regardless of the time it rings (be it 6 AM or 10 AM) that I decided to make an effort to wake up earlier and be productive.

One thing that has really helped me become an early bird was to establish a morning routine that I follow pretty much everyday (unless I’m hungover, in which case you’ll find me cocooned in my duvet, shovelling salted peanuts down my gob whilst simultaneously trying my best not to recall multiple Doh! moments from the night before). It’s familiar and methodical, and definitely sets the foundations for a good day.

While I still have those mornings when I wake up, and just, OMG, can’t deal with, like, LIFE, getting up with time to spare and having a morning routine definitely makes things that bit easier. For those of you who may be in need of some morning motivation (mornivation?), I have compiled some tips that can be easily incorporated into your own routine, that might just help make your AM that bit more bearable (or even enjoyable):

  • Hydrate. I know, I know. Yet another blog post singing the praises of water (seriously, H20’s PR team must be awesome). But I can’t stress enough the importance of hydration, especially in the morning. On waking, chances are you haven’t had a drink in almost 8 hours, so keep a big glass of water by your bed, and when your alarm rings sit up and just chug the whole glass. It will help wake you up, boost your metabolism, and acts as a mini-daily-detox (reference here). Even if you end up just hitting the snooze button again after you’ve had your drink, at least you’ll have done yourself one favour.
  • Give yourself a reason to get up. What do you mean work/ college commitments are reason enough? Any lazy ass can tell you that having to be somewhere for a certain time usually isn’t enough motivation. That’s why it’s nice to have something to look forward to in the mornings, even if it’s just something simple. I have a serrrriously cute red French press that I use to make my coffee, and an adorable teacup to drink said coffee from. They both make me inexplicably happy. On that note, my second piece of advice is:
  • Drink coffee. ‘Nuff said.
  • Work it out. Seriously. Whilst the idea of an AM workout might deter some people from getting out of bed, it is the best way to wake up your body and mind. As I mentioned above, I’m currently doing the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Training Guide, and genuinely love doing the workouts. But you do whatevs… Stretch or do some yoga, go for a run, take a stroll, jump up and down on the spot… Just get your bod moving.
  • Have a delicious breakfast. Breakfast is just the best meal everrrr. It’s way less conformist than lunch or dinner, cos you can make it either sweet or savoury. My fave breakfast is a nutrient (and calorie) dense green smoothie, or some overnight oats.

So there you have it, some tips on getting the hell out of bed. If anyone is reading this, and is interested in learning more about any of the topics that I broached above – like Kayla Itsines workouts, yoga, breakfast recipe ideas, my own morning routine, etc. – just lmk in the comments section below, and I’ll be happy to do a post on it 🙂 But even if no one comments, I’ll probs just do a post on it anyway. Lolz.

Buh-bye for now, N.I.


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